Is the wr400 right for me?

hi, I was wondering if the wr400 would be a good bike for me. I am 16, 5'7, and weigh around 160. The seat height I think might be a little to high. Does anyone know how I could lower the seat height. Thanks

sounds good, you can set the race sag a little lower by turnign the adjusters counter clockwise, and you can cut a little off the seat, other than that yamahas are just tall bikes :D:)

I think the bike itself would be great for someone like you... My first bike was the YZ 400 and it was a bit powerfl to learn on, but I'm glad I've got it now. My buddy has a 98WR400 and it's a great bike, seems relatively tame on the power, but certainly not lacking anything when you need it. They are generally taller bikes and the suggestion above is all that I really know of to help with that. If you're going to cut the seat down, take the cover off and shave some of the foam-that should help some. You'll be happy with the bike... :)

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