How much for oil filter?

I went into a Yamaha shop (not my regular stop for parts) in Fresno CA today to get a couple of oil filters. I thought they'd be $10 - $12 like usual. They tried to sell them to me for $17.95! I told the parts guy that I've never paid more than 12 for an original Yamaha filter. He just shrugged and offered a 10% discount. Needless to say he didn't sell any filters. Has anyone else been getting gouged for filters lately? I wound up getting a couple of after-market HIFLOFILTRO filters at another shop for $7.00ea. I hope they are as good. I've always used the genuine filters.


Scotts sells a stainless filter for $70.00 that you will never have to replace and it has real fine mesh that traps everything.

I've been reluctant to get a Scotts. I don't even wash and re-use the ones I have now. I've worried that cleaning a Scotts completely would be difficult. Do you need compressed air? What is the procedure?

Thanks for your replies!

Glen T, All you need to do is take a can of brake clean(any brand) and spray from the inside of the filter. This removes all of the particles and dry's fast. You can use air to blow it out if you feel the need, but it is not necessary.


Believe I paid $12.50 for the last one I bought.

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