06 YZ450F Popping on Decel, only at low rpms

I have a 2006 yz450f that has a popping on deceleration that comes on right as the bike is reaching idle if the clutch is pulled in. I have gone into the bike and checked the jetting it has a 48 pilot, 165 main etc which all is one step up from stock. I know that this is usually a lean condition caused by either a lean pilot, or blocked pilot, however i have gone in and checked them all and they are clear. Also i have a aftermarket fuel screw and it seems the condition doesnt change whether im at 1.75-2.5 turns out it still does that popping on decel at low rpms as it reaches idle. The bike has a fmf q2 silencer, boysen quick shot, fuel screw. Is there anything else i can look into? The air filter is brand new, there are no air leaks, could it maybe be the pipe connection at the header? Is there anything else that can cause this excessive popping?

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