Trail Tech Vapor Install 02 Wr426

Howdy i've got everything else all set up except the tachometer and im pretty set on using the wrap around the spark wire method however my question is where is it best to wrap; closer to the coil or spark plug? Also i feel lame asking but when it says wrap it says nothing about stripping the wire? Do i need to strip the spark wire and the red im putting on it? insulated wire to insulated that a thing? Appreciate it thanks

Insulated wire to insulated wire, The tach wire picks up induced voltage when the plug fires, and it doesn't really matter where on the plug wire, pick a location that is convenient and doesn't interfere with changing plugs. The important part is the number of turns and the manual has instructions. I tape the wrap with vinyl electrical tape.

How many turns does it say to wrap the wire? I bought a cheapie hour meter/tach and the tach didn't seem to work very well, maybe if I try the same number of turns as the Vapor it will.

I connected the tacho to the low voltage input on my installation, wr426 02 with trailtech vapor.

It's working fine.

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