Throttle revs when I turn the bars to the right?

I have a 2007 YZ450 and I just put a new Scotts sub mount/stabilizer on with Flexx bars. The height obviously changed higher with the sub mount but the clutch, brake, and throttle cables all seem to have a little play and do not seem too tight. When I cranked up and started to warm up, the engine revs a little when I turn the bars to the right.??? I can't find any obstruction or tension in the cable and have no idea what it could be. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


When you turn the bars some where the cable is pulling tight causeing the high reving thats pulling the slide up in the carb.

Just keep on looking it there some where.

Thanks for the persistent attitude and advice. I read your post and pulled the bike bike back out. It was not the throttle cable at all. It has the HOT START! It was pulling a little tight, adding air, and revving... I loosened the tension on the cable some and problem solved. Thanks again. TT really is really like having your buddies that you haven't met help out. Enjoy the ride!

Glad you found it and smart enough to know not to ride the bike with a sticking Throttle.

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