post pictures of your rides

1999 YZ400 Street Legal.

How come this bike is street legal? It doesn't even have blinkers :)


How come this bike is street legal? It doesn't even have blinkers

We dont need blinkers in Michigan. :D :D :D

Hi/lo beam headlight

tailight/brake light



DOT tires.

Done! :)

Jealous??? :D :D


Of course I'm jealous!!!!!! :D :D :):D :D

Imagine that here they can refuse you because you have no chain guard or a plastic fuel réservoir. Everything that concerns transport here is definitly just a pile of sh.... ! :D :D

And the funny thing is that I dont even have Hi/lo beam headlight or DOT tires and it still passed inspection.

I dont think that the Police officer that inspected it really knew what he was doing. BONUS!!


Dig the yellow...

I just ordered some graphics with a lot of red (Aussie Yamaha graphics) in them for my bike. Hope I like them installed...


Team 51 prior to the Superstition 250 desert race.



I am digitaly challenged but I am persistant. Tim


Here is a more recent pic but it's not as clean :)

Here is my bike I hope this works....! faa93c03.jpg

And here is my bike on crack!!!!!!!! faa9f442.jpg:):D :D

:D :D :D :D

here's my bike, and Boyd (desertfoxx's) scoot last week. Very happy with my coil on plug mod (thanks Mike Dean), new shock spring thanks (skthom2320


and cooler weather (thanks GOD). pct~2.jpg

AND, just threw this one in cause it's Too coool. He's very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me and my ride...



Nice ride Lowegog. :) What's that fat rear tire?

It's a Terraflex. :) It's a monster! Really fills up the swingarm. I didn't like it at first but after getting used to it it's growing on me. It hooks up like a mutha! Kind of wallows around though because of the knobbies being so tall.



Here's my desert / trail toy. It's an '01. All stock except for the clarke yz/tank combo, a 158 main jet and a twist or two of the fuel screw to get me up that high! :)

MY 2000 WR400F


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