post pictures of your rides



I recognize the place. Been there many times. Hopefully they are getting hit with some serious snow so I can ride the the other Yamaha I own.

Hey Baja,

I love riding up there. Beats the hell out of our desert :)

We have a condo up there (I currently live just across the valley from you) and I know that 2 or 3 weekends ago they were getting some snow. :D

Yeah. I was worried about that one. Like I said digitaly challenged. Thanks bro. Tim

Here is the most recent pic of my bike. :)




minimadman-nice numbers :)

Snowflake, AZ snowflake29.jpg:)

I wonder if this will work. :)fa8525cc.jpg

I don't have a good picture of the wr450 yet but this was still fun.

willy fitz

In the Sahara (Tassili)



in the Tassili (Sahara)

Those are some wicked cool pics

My latest ride:


Been waiting for this baby a while now. February is when she arrives!! :)


Sweet bike, but having to go to links is a pain.

In the Sahara (Tassili)


That is an awesome picture. Where is that desert located? Man I wanna ride


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