post pictures of your rides

Here is a picture of my 2000 WR that is now for sale. :) I am still waiting on the 04


The bike last year before the addition of FMF Ti4 pipe.


The bike last year before the addition of FMF Ti4 pipe.


YZF looks good!!!!!!!! Where was that pic taken?? And where??

The picture was taken at Little Sahara Sand Dunes, Jericho, Utah.

In the Sahara (Tassili)


Hmm, I know where the next major TT ride should be :D:)

I've seen a lot of bike pictures in my 45 years of existence. A lot of them inspired me to take all kind of actions and decisions. I know I'm a bit on the emotional side. But this one is one of the best :).

More so when the temperature outside is 15 deg F with high winds and snow flurries. :D.

Where is this place ?

Or is there anything close to it in America ?

How to get there ?

How many $$ for this type of trip ?

I have to ride there before I meet my creator , that's for sure :D :D


Hey Tiout! I've been showing your pics to all my friends. What a dreamland!!!

The only thing that is bad on those pics is the rear "save the planet" tire... :)

Is that a Michelin Enduro Comp? I'm not surprised since you stated somewhere that your trip was planned from Paris...

You will probably agree with me if I tell you that I think an 8 paddle tire would have been great. Or did you need to ride a bit of rocky trails to get there?


Ok, here is my WR426F with the MotoXXX graphics kit. Just put it on.


Blackie sweet ride bud.......looks like a cool spot to ride as well. Sup with that dirt on the knobs though? :)

Garry, Not all the bikes on that ride were dualsported including mine... Are you interested????




The CT70 is my latest project... It's a 1970 CT70KO. It's the bike that I learned on.. Months ago it was a pile of rust.. Since then I've done a lot of work to it, the frame,swingarm,chain guide and forks were sandblasted and powdercoated to the original color, candy ruby red, I'm very happy with the color since it matches the OEM headlight seen here. I repainted the wheels and put some Pirellis on. The motor is a high quality knock off motor from China, it came with a 24mm Keihin Carb,CDI ignition and all the fixins.. Oh and it's a 125cc.... The clutch is a hydro unit, the throttle is the billet Fast50s with a BBR throttle cable to reach the goofy fold down bars. :)

Rocky Point Mexico

Point to Point Race Dec 6 2003 :)


What happened? :)


The tire was not were right. It was an FIM approved tire. The place is in an area called Tassili in the Algerian Sahara. There are more pictures at Trip costs $950 + airfare. Bikes are provided locally (WRs, TTRs, Warriors, Raptors)

here is another picture:


OK, I will try again. Here is my WR426F and my sons YZ250F. Soon they will be all scraped up again, so, I took some pictures to have memories of when they looked hot!!



Here's my 2 rides!! :)


Here is the 250F

Was recently joined by a KTM EXC 450 2004.

No pictures yet.

The 250F has now got black excels, new graphics, new bars and new exhaust.

Will post new pictures soon.... fc481977.jpgfc481982.jpg


Nice rides guys!

Tassili21.JPG Sahara again

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