Thundercross this weekend anyone?

I'm hoping to head to thundercross mx track this weekend and was curious if anyone else is headed there? I'm not sure if I'm going saturday or sunday yet.

Would you mind posting directions??


I would love to but I blew out my forks last night jumping up at Gatlin Blvd. I took the bike down to Willie at WMR this morning. I'm getting new springs and valves, front and back. The parts won't be in until next week. I guess I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. I'm 6'1" 235lbs thrashing on a bike who's suspension rating only goes up to a 176 lbs. Oh well, my theory is: When it breaks, there's no better time to upgrade!!



I've memorized the way, but I'm horrible with names (street names) so here's my best shot. This is from Palm Beach Gardens, I'm not sure where Plantation is so you may come a different way (PBG is south, just north of West Palm Beach). I head up Beeline until it dead ends into a 3 way intersection (highway 70 I believe). From here I go east, about 4 or 5 miles and then you turn left onto a numbered road, it's either 81 or 82, definitely eighty something. There are some signs at the end of this road but the word thundercross doesn't stand out on any of them. If you drive on 70 for 10 minutes without turning then you missed it. You take this road all the way to the end (about 2 miles) and it will dead end into the Kirton ranch. Turn left and the track is about one mile down. It's $15 to get in, open at 10:00am until 5:00pm. Great track!

Their web site is here:

of you can give them a call at 863-357-2277 and I'm sure they can give you better directions than I can. Do you know which day you are likely to head out there on? I'll know tomorrow which day I'm going, it depends on which day I go fishing with my brother. :)

Thumpin, good luck with the forks! Let us know how you like it when you get it back again.

I'll be there tomorrow if anyone wants to go. I'll be in a white Toyota tacoma 4x4 with a silver helmet. See yall there!


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