YZ250f or YZ450f?

Hi there,

I'm looking into getting my first motocross bike. I'm 5'10" and 140lbs, 20 years old. I would use it for motocross and wide trail riding. I know the first instinct is to go with the 250f, because they are so common and it is just the perfect all-around size for everything. My concern with that is that I will get bored with it after a few months or so, and would rather just start with a 450f if I'm going to upgrade to one eventually. I also appreciate having something with a bit of uniqueness, something that nearly everybody doesn't have. I've had a few bikes before, including supermotos (Aprilia 550 SXV, kTm 640 lc4) and one street bike (2009 Yamaha R1), so I'm alright with a little bit of power. Sorry about the repetitiveness of this posting subject, but I've read nearly all the forum discussions on 250f vs 450f and I couldn't find one that really fit my situation. Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks in advance,


the 250f is the one you want. Its got plenty of power. You just ride them differently.

although you want to jump right to the 450, its best to start with the 250f and work your way up. You'll have a lot more traction and control. 450's are not the best "first bikes" to have. Don't worry, you'll be able to sell it and trade up in a year or two.

Get the 250,, save a couple of bucks and get your suspension setup right.

You live at sea level and in all honesty, (being from Wisco) there aren't any impressive tracks in WI... On top of that, look at all the 250f pros and how they ride and ask them if they get bored on their 250f... A lot of them would say a 450f would be too much for them on a track.

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