My 2011 woods weapon is getting further along!

Got back into riding this year and started racing hare scrambles and enduros. Looking back I probably should have just bought a WR450 and dealt with the weight, but I wanted the lighter weight and found a good deal on a 2011 holdover. The courses are really tight and technical here so I'm trying to adjust to the power. I'm still waiting on my number plates to arrive and future plans are rekluse exp 2.0 and big skidplate. Here's the list so far:

Cycra guards and CR High bars

Trail tech Vector w/enduro remote switch

Michelin XC soft front tire

homemade radiator fan and catch bottle w/engine ice (Ice dropped temp 30 degrees!)

13-50 gearing and Lexx sparky encap

G2 throttle tamer tube

Revalved by CMP suspension w/5.8 rear spring and shock spacer

GYTR tuner

Rockymountain ATV closeout graphics (Cheap!)


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Haven't had a chance to ride since I put the suspension back on, haven't even set the sag yet hence the locknut is loose!


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Cheapskate catch bottle! I've been following my 9yr old in the FES series and she was getting pretty hot so I ended up installing the bottle and dual fans after the last race with him. Haven't needed them during my races, the engine ice made a huge difference, but good insurance just in case.


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I couldn't fit a 4" fan under my radiator braces so I went with dual 3" fans. The wire on the top holds them so they are not pulling on the fins. Zipties through the fins keeps it from bouncing around. About 8 hours on with this setup no problems at all with the mounting. I've washed it a few times and they are still working fine. FYI the red wire at the tuner port is 12v and I ran them to a switch and leave them off when starting, or basically all the time unless following my boy first gear through the tight stuff.

The G2 throttle tamer and GYTR tuner allowed me to tame this thing down and be able to lug through the woods without stalling. With this setup I still have max power on top so there's no real downside in the woods. I'm running 13-50 and eventually going to 13-48 with a rekluse to smooth out the power and keep from having stalling issues. Eventually I'll need a larger tank as well, but most of the races have gas stops, or pits and I'm not good enough to worry about stopping a couple minutes to refuel.

Lastly a pic from the last hare scramble I raced. This was the open track section, I was so happy to be able to get out of the woods and on the track for a little bit! This was before my revalve and the roots and rocks were jacking me all over the place in the tight stuff!


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Pretty sweet bike and setup....I like it!

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