Source for .49 fork springs (03/04 WR450)

Race Tech only has up to .48. I called and left message with MX Tech and am waiting to hear back. Didn't see any listings or search feature for Eibach motorcycle fork springs. I tried Diverse suspension but they only do .48. Cannon Racecraft only shows .48 or .50

Any other offerings for .49 and does the TT store carry anything?

I had the same issue once and ended up doing the 48 in one leg and 50 in the other deal. I didn't like that idea at first, but once it was done and the fork worked flawlessly, I never thought about it again.

Is DSP "Diverse"? You named all the places I know of.

Factory connection goes up to .49 for our bikes. Mx tech will make springs stiffer than that if you ask.

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