Swop YZ450f for YZ250F

I need your help i bought the 450 (2005 model) it is my first 2 wheeler off road.I use it only for fun and on weekends the bike is very power full will i get use to the power? I was thinking of saleing it and get n 250 will this be a bad move? i all ready come down with it 3 times.What do you think

Find some one with a 250 ride it then you have a better idea if it will work for you.

I had a buddy that had a YZ250 2 stroke as his first bike he found out it was to much bike for him sold it then got a YZ125 2 stroke he was much happyer with the 125.

For me with years of ridng behind me I wont have any thing but a big bore bike.

You could always detune your 450 untill you get more use to it then add the power back in to it as you get better on the bike.

Take a look at a Q2 throttle tubes it change the way the power gets to the ground.


You can change the sprokets to take some of the low end grunt you gain topend but that be up to you to back out of it so you will not go super sonic topend speeds.

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