anybody have pictures of a all white yamaha

please post pictures of a all white plastic yamaha

find a photo of a circa 1986 YZ250.

Yamaha's were yellow from 1972 - 1984, then white from 1985 until 1995(?).

They have been blue ever since.

Ya mean like this??????? :D:)



What is that, a '91 YZ 250?

Here's my old 426 then, not sure what you mean by "all white" though:


Okay, UBB is off or something, here it is in html:



Thats sweet...Hick :)

An 87 YZ125 with '90 decals :D About the time I realized rear disc brakes wer really cool and I sprung for a PINK and white '92 YZ 250.

Hick that white 426 is schweet looking! :)

An 87 YZ125 with '90 decals :)

Right, they were more pink. And I didn't notice the rear brake drum stabilizer bar thing. Darnit. I hate when I guess wrong.

My YZF looked good then, not so good a bit later. I destroy plastic in short order, and generally remove the stock stuff before I ride it at all. So I figure if I'm gonna replace it, might as well change colors.


Okay, what's the dealio with this damn thing?

Html again....


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