wr400 seat foam?

the previous owner of my bike was 5 feet 6, so he had the seat foam shaved/scolloped,

does anyone know of anywhere were i can get new foam and cover, been told you can get different sizes medium/high

i am 6 feet 2 so a taller foam would be ideal

i am in england but dont seem do be having any luck!!


gutz racing . com soft to hard, reg to tall. about $75 w/ frt. the soft is as soft as a lawyers leather couch. Saved me from having to lower the bike.

With your height, you might be interested in switching over to the YZ set-up. This will entail a new YZ style gas tank, and YZ style seat. It gets rid of the WR dip, and makes the bike much more manueverable in the tight switchbacks(by allowing you to get up front and weighting the front tire).


you know your stuff (maniac)

I've been on these bikes since '98, so you could say, I bleed Blue!!! :devil:


ha ha :devil:

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