11 450f hard starting

Using the high load/ sand map at the top of this forum, the bike is hard to start after a hard run get off. Anybody have any ideas? Bike has about 50hrs, good gas, oil changed every race. Dosen't seem to be as much an issue with bone stock map.

prolly rider error in the starting technic?

come on, somebody has a comment.

my 2012 can be funny about how it wants to start

My 2011 is a bitch to start when it's hot. I have the Jay Marmont tune with an FMF slip on. It fires up cold no problems but when it's hot it's a bitch. I have been using the fast idle/ hot start knob more and it seems to help. I wish they went back to manual compression release. When I went down or stalled my 426 I would just put it in neutral and pull in the manual compression release then kick it through 4-5 times. That beast would start up the first time every time.

Like the other poster mentioned, sounds like procedure error. I thought mine was harder to start with a different GYTR map, but as long as I follow procedure, it starts the same crash, stall or kill switch. The only difference is I have to clear it out, per the manual, with the throttle wide open when if I crash, then start it.

Also, I don't think the starting map is different whether or not you have a GYTR map or not, from what I've heard.

Other issues could be valves @ 50 hours. Mine were on the tight side of spec at the first check, so if yours are already tight it could be causing issues.

thanks for the replys. I will go through the procedures with the rider (my son ) again an we are checking the valve lash this week. From what I understood the mapping change that we did wouldn't affect the starting, just a hurry up leg.

Pull the cold start knob out and try, yes it works very well when the engine is hot.

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