rego in australia

hey i want to register my wr426 in australia, does anyone know exactly what i need on my bike eg. lights, blinkers etc.


Head light with high and low beam

all four indicators

tail light

brake light (must work from hand and foot brake)

number plate light

rear red reflector (if not built into tail/brake light lense)


No oil leaks (engine or forks)

DOT tyres with enough tread

chain guard


good brakes

chain and sprockets in good condition

no tears on the seat

brake and clutch level must be complete (can't be cut off, must have the ball ends)

you also need the rear fender extension. You can't just run the bare rear fender.

That is about it. All depends on who you get really and how strict they are.

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So you don't actually need a speedo that works? Cause I just rego'd my WR400F and my speedo doesn't work, I am getting a trailtech vapor though.

You do but if you don't tell them your Speedo isn't working how will they know? They don't do a road test to find out.

So in effect, no you don't need a working speedo!

Haha, so dodgy-I have got away with it, just scared about speed cameras and safety cameras. I am getting a trailtech though fortunately.

You've got to be kidding me! You guys have Speed Cameras & Safety Cameras in Australia?! That's just wrong!!!


You've got to be kidding me! You guys have Speed Cameras & Safety Cameras in Australia?! That's just wrong!!!


Maniac, we have them everywhere. Only on the roads though, nothing off road.

Some of the speed camera are fixed, so they are always there and they put big signs up to warn you! If you get caught by them you are an idiot!

Yeah they are pretty gay with all the camera's they are trying to bring in mobile speed camera's in new south wales where they have random cars on the side of the road with speed cameras on them, but even still they are marked that there is a speed camera ahead. Oh and btw Jonsey, make sure all your electrical wires are connected and working. My WR400 didn't have them connected and the Yamaha manual doesn't have the electric circuit for switch blocks etc for indicators in Australia. So it could be a problem getting it all wired. Cost me 800 in labour and a new reg/rec as well.

Hey guy's,

I can provide you with the eectrical diagram, also have it colour coded? this is for the WR400, but I'd assume it's the same for the 426 and earlier 450's?




Yes please that would be much appreciated. Thanks mate.

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