Quality of the 400/426

So I am fairly new to this scene, or at least the new bikes as I've been out of MX for several yrs now and just getting back into it. These seem to be the bike that is going to most match my wants, however I am not sure just how solid they are compared to the Honda CRF450, KTM 4strokers.

My '02 WR426 has been absolutely bulletproof. I have no complaints what so ever. I take care of it, change the oil every 2-3 rides and clean it well after every ride, and I have not had to do anything other than regular maint. Once you figure out the starting drill, these bikes are made to last a long time and give years of enjoyment. I am so stoked I have the WR when we get 80 miles from the truck and someone runs out of fuel. The trusty WR has enough to spare. Or getting caught at 9:00 PM 40 miles from home in 2 feet of snow. (I was the only headlight out of 9 bikes) I do not regret one moment getting the '02 WR.

I've had my WR400 for about 7 months now. Bought it slightly used, and have about 60 bulletproof hours on it. Starts on the 1st or 2nd kick every time (warm or cold). Runs like a scared chicken.

As a guy who has had only fair luck with Yamaha's in the past I was skeptical about buying this bike. I've had way better luck with Honda's.

I bought mine used with 240 miles on it and have put almost 2000 more since. The jetting is a bit of a pain but there is tons of info on here so there should be no problem in this area. The only thing that I have had go wrong is the fork seals finally blew. Could be my fault or the bikes. Who knows but the thing is very reliable and I'm extremely happy with it.

There are other posts about the plastic and how it seems a little thin. I'd agree as they seem to get white lines if you look at it wrong. :)

My buddies have bought newer KTM 450's, 520's and 525's and my bike has plenty of steam to keep up with these newer bikes. I also like the layout and feel better once I put a YZ seat and tank on the bike.

I'd say buy one, you can't go wrong.

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