07 YZ450F exhaust VS Quiet Aftermarket?

Hey, I have an 07 YZ450F full exhaust and a Leo Vince X3 enduro full system. I have tried or listened to a few other aftermarkets (white bros, Dr D, FMF factory, FMF Q4, 08 YZ450F modded) but it seems like the 07 YZF and Leo Vince (with silent insert) and Q4 seem to be the only halfway quiet systems.

I am trying to figure out if I should run the 07 YZF system or the Leo Vince X3 with the silent insert.. or if there is something better altogether..

I ride woods so loud pipes are a no no... I played with the 08 YZF pipe modded, but ended up ditching it because of the noise.

The Leo Vince with silent insert is really quiet. I really like it.. it's also very smooth, but seems to fall off a bit on top with the insert. Painfully loud without the insert.

The 07 YZF pipe is quiet too.. different kind of quiet.. like sort of hollow sounding until you romp the throttle.. really nice... similar ride to the LV... Need to do a back to back run to see which has more power on top (LV vs 07 YZF)

Q4 sucks on the low end but pulls out up high.

Didn't hear a Dr D with quiet insert... only open. too loud.

dyno run.. wish I had a dyno chart of the leo vince...

Red = Q4

Blue = 07 YZF

Orange = 08 YZF (unmodified)


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