WR450 -05 Lack of power

I yank mine all the time.


We're talking bikes here still, right?

I yank mine all the time.

:devil: You'll go BLIND!!!

Yep, my new 04 comes up in third pretty easy. I don't have to yank it

Your new 04 is geared very low from what you said, couldn't cruise at 100 on the highway which I need to do

:devil: You'll go BLIND!!!

Who said that?

And why are the damn lights out?

Someone turn the lights on. I can't see a damn thing!!!


If you are running the stock silencer, you can yank all you want.The front wheel isn't going to come up without some help. The stock silencer really chokes the engine.Once you stick a new silencer on you won't believe how good the power feels

I weigh 154 lbs. If I'm not up on the tank, I dare not get throttle happy or it will loop out even in 3rd gear. I don't have to yank at all, and can roll it on in 2nd or crack it in third and the front end comes up. I think the PO did all the free mods plus a Yoshimura exhaust. The gearing is stock. Mt friends that I race HS with(they are fast, I am old & slow) all say this is a beast for power!

I would look into which free mods were done to the bike, and specifically the O-ring mod. That single mod did the absolute most improvement for low-end torque over anything else I did. Even with proper jetting, it would fall flat when the throttle was twisted quickly at lower RPM. I've got the WR426 which will do 3rd gear wheelies with just lots of throttle (assuming I don't lose traction :devil: ) and me weighing 195ish lbs, while sitting in neutral position. I can't say for certain how the power-delivery characteristics are different, but it seems to me like you've got some more power hidden in the bike somewhere.

There WILL be some differences based on suspension setup too, although probably minor. A soft rear suspension will compress quite a bit easier when you crack the throttle than a stiff suspension. This will greatly affect weight transfer and ability to loft the front wheel. I doubt it is the issue, but can make it more difficult to bring up the front wheel.

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Probably is my suspension , I can bottom it out off a 2 foot drop sometimes... It's very soft just sitting on it goes down half way

You're all YANKERS!! :devil:

If you rear suspension is soft, it will absorb the 'hit' making wheelies harder.

An XL600 makes 35ftlbs of torque at 2500 rpms. The WR does that at 7500 rpms.

A stock WR carb and exhaust run terrible. Must be de-plugged and re-jetted.

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