Need help

I just bought a closeout FMF "Q" muffler and found out it was one of the old ones made for the 98db restriction. I need it to go to the 96db or better. Does anyone know if I can retro-fit something?? I emailed FMF and was told this:

"Hello, the muffler you have is a older model that we don't make anymore. I think that muffler will be around 98 db. That is what the legal limit was about two years ago. We do not have any parts for these older mufflers anymore. The new style end cap isn't compatible with your model muffler."

Sounds like your kinda screwed. I bought a FMF as well only to find out it read 102db and the quiet adapter only lowered it .5db.

Don't know about you, but I got to speak with some 17 year old punk at FMF you didn't give a crap about anything except his next moto and the bowl of skunky he was going to smoke on the way to the track.

I sold mine on ebay and went back to stock. Good luck to you! :)

Man that doesn't make me feel much better. I have been emailing a Chris F. and FMF and he seems to be real honest with me. I asked about trying a retro-fit on my own if he could give me some info on the differences between the years so I'll wait to hear back from him before I load up the shotgun.

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