Hey man, its your checkbook, you could buy a chopper and put knobbies on it for all i care.

i just find it retarted that people talk smack just because someone bought a certain brand.

Hey, if Yamaha offered a race ready YZ250 id buy it. however, after buying a YZ, id put at least a grand in upgardes into it just to make it like a stock ktm. I was never a fan of KTM's but the new ones seem to be getting better and better

Just to get it straight, im not at all supporting the OP one bit. ive ridden the new WR and i absolutely love it, however i need a bike for serious racing. The 4 strokes run too damn hot in the desert and just weigh too much

To each his own for sure. But... I race desert too. I sold a perfectly setup yz250 that I raced for 3 years to buy a ktm450. I did this last year.

The whole reason I bought the yz250 in the first place is because I didn't like racing my wr450. Now I have a KTM and have both blue and orange in my garage.

Nothing wrong with brand loyalty. Obviously, the companies have earned that loyalty. It is stupid, however, to hold that against someone.

That being said, my KTM (450xcf) is light and powerful. Its a little heavier than a yz250, but a whole lot lighter than a wr450. Funny thing is, even on my KTM, which is now setup pretty good, I can still get beat by guys on yz250's and older wr450's for that matter. I disagree that 4 strokes are too heavy for desert racing. Its a natter or preference.

My take on brand loyalty is that I've owned Yamaha four wheelers and dirt bikes for a long time and I know what to expect. I've wreck each one of them pretty hard at one time or another and they always made it back to the truck with minumal damage, or if any at all. What I like is I'm able to stick to some sort of maintenance budget because other than the usual maintenance I don't seem to have problems or also having to fix or replace parts because they prematurly failed or broke easily. I'm in this bike for a long haul and I'm pretty certain this bike is going to run and look as good in three years as it does today, just like every other Yamaha I've owned, and not one of them was a garage queen. I've tried other bikes, riding a friends or what not and always felt more comfortable on my Yamaha than anything else. We ride out in the middle of nowhere most of the time and to know my bike is going to consistently run well and not let me down, works for me.

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