Who sells black plastic kit for a '98?


Just to clarify, are you saying they make the orange plastic for the YZF? Including side panels and rad shrouds?

It makes sense that they would, they obviously have the molds, and I would think that changing the color used to make the parts is no big deal, which is why I wondered why they didn’t make the stuff for my bike.


Yes, I just ordered the standard plastic kit in orange ( front and rear fenders, side plates, shrouds) and seperatly I ordered the number plate, lower fork covers and front disc cover (all orange) direct from Acerbis. Im gonna get the n style graphics ( the ones with the orange in them) as soon as I think of a good excuse to give to my wife and then paint the frame blue again and install the new plastic and graphics at the same time. It will be different, thats for sure...should look like a new bike..dont ask me why...I never really was a big fan of the color orange, just kinda did it on a whim and now im committed. Ill post pics when its done.


I already went through this with Acerbis. They told me that their marketing dept. went ape with Photoshop without consulting the production dept. You can get the fenders and that's it. (black)

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