Talon hubs on WR450F...

Just helped my friend take an 03 WR450F home. It was in a crate with some of the parts send seperately (sp?). It's got Talon hubs. We cannot figure out how to correctly mount the front hub/wheel onto the bike. Included with the bike are 4 spacers. Two are aluminum and match the pics in the manual. The other two are goldish steel. I think these are the Talon collars. Thing is, we can't get them to fit. They are marked "YZ Disc" on one and "17..*.*" on the other one. Neither matches the manual picture of the collars that go onto the speedo sender side. We tried every combination, but it seems the fork is being spread to far wide. Also, they fit better with the disc collar on the speedo side and the 17 collar on the disc side. Are their specific collars for the WR? What are we doing wrong.



Need some help here. The owners manual and Talon web site are of no use right now.


I have no experience with the talons but can you contact the original owner and ask them?

I will be going to a loacl shop later and i'll ask them.If they know anything i'll post it.

sorry i couldn't be more help :)

Stock the bike comes with Exel rims and Yamaha hubs. It is surprising to see Talon hubs on this bike. :)

Yeah, these are aftermarket wheels. The originals are supposed to be sent to use in about 3 weeks so we are stuck for now. The owner works at a Yamaha dealership and told us what to do, but it does not look quite right. Seems like you have to spread the forks too far to make it fit. Also, the drive of the speedo sender doesn't exactly fit like the OEM pictured in the manual. We are going to call him again right now.



Got it. Geeze. What a pain in the rear. He was trying his best to make it work with the odometer sender. I was trying to tell him it won't work with hub because the OEM hub has notches machined to index inside the odometer sender. We tried every combination with the four spacers we had on hand to get the wheel on with or without the sender unit with no success. Finnaly my friend finds a plastic bag with the correct spacer and voila, 2 minutes and job done. I waisted a lot of time on this and almost wanted to kill him, but it's his bike so I had to kinda chill ya know? Would have been nice if the seller of the bike had put the parts in order on the wheel with wire or a wire tie. Also, no manual was sent, no OEM wheels and the left spacer was in a bag with the three that didn't work while the right spacer was in another bag with some old bolts :)

Now we're ready to rock!



I'm having the same trouble with Talon hubs on the front of my WR450 (04). In my case, the stock odometer gear unit is too narrow and its inside diameter is too big for the Talon hubs/odo drive. And I'm using the same gold insert with "YZ" markings on the caliper side of the front hub.

Is this the same issue your friend had with his? Was he able to retain the odometer functionality with the "correct" spacer or did he remove it and use a spacer for the whole thing? Does the spacer look like a Talon part (i.e. anodized gold) or does it look custom machined? In either case, I need to get one!

I really appreciate the info. These hubs are mated to a brand new set of motard wheels that are begging to hit the streets! :thumbsup:



Hmmm, I was just thinking today while I had my rear wheel off for a tire change how wicked some Talon hubs would look on mine. :thumbsup:

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