Quiet Pipe Shootout - Dirt Bike Magazine

Compares the quiet pipes out there. I wish my White Bros E2 wasnt so freakishly huge, it looks great on the dyno chart and does feel really great down low. I sold it to my friend because it sticks out to the top of my fender and rubs the tire... Just begging to get munched by a tree. Also explains the lame overrev on my Leo Vince. Good to know the Akropovic doesnt look much better.


Anybody else think the prices on 4 stroke exhaust is just asinine?

To me, what is involved to build a 2 stroke expansion pipe is considerably more involved than a 4 stroke system..... at 1/2 the price too boot!

Yeah I completely agree.. I sold my Leo Vince and I am running my $70 YZ450F system :devil:

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