Rear wheel play in between bearing and Hub?

I just replaced the rear wheel bearings on my 06 yz 250 and noticed that there is a little play between the bearing and Hub wall? Is this normal on these bikes?


Sounds like your old outer race was spinning and eating away at the hub. If the new bearings don't fit tight I would take it to a bearing shop and have them measure the hub and axle for new bearings that fit.

I've had good luck using green Loc-Tite, the stud and bearing mount. Install the bearing, drop a few drops in around the outer race and let it sit overnight. Well worth that rather than buying a new hub/wheel.

There should be no play. If there is you have a problem with either the hub or bearing.

It's not normal, as noted. On my 92 the rear hub was trashed enough that I had to use feeler gauge strips wrapped around the outer race to take up the slop, plus green loctite bearing retainer. When these bearings wear out I'll have to shop for new wheels. So far it's holding up ok though...

I think this is a common problem and I belive it stems from the hub being made from soft material. I have this problem on my 02 WR. I have used a punch to peen the bearing surface in the hub and then use the locktite bearing retainer compund as stated above. it held for a while.

On a more positive note i have experience the same (small) amount oof play in the rear wheel bearing for for more than 5 years now on the WR whiuch may equate to .10,000 miles.

The problem is the single rear wheel bearing on the chanin drive side. This is where the biggest loads are concentrated. The WR is much heavier than my YZ 250 so maybe it is more if a WR problem but I belive they share the same hub.

My only advice is to keep using it and watch it carefully if the play stays the same don't worry but if it increases (with good Bearings) then you will need a new hub or wheel.

Does'nt Honda use two bearings and a lock ring on the drive side rear hub?

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