North forty

Just wondering if anyone here lives out in the north forty (50 or more miles from nearest town, live on north or south pole, or Ice berg, small island, some place just way out there, out in the boonies, butt-f**k egypt.)Get my drift? :D :D :D:):D

Or, maybe not :):D

My wife's cousin's uncle's stepbrother lives out in the north forty. I think they said they found some guys river rafting or something. Said something about squeeling like pigs? :)

Great snothole or was it butthole or was it piehole, cakehole, maybe sorehole :D ok I get it if they lived in the boonies they must likely wouldnt have the priv of veiwing TT. :)

Im in the boonies. check my bike pick in the "post your ride" thread. Farmland, Its nice not having to worry about your neighbors callin the cops on you for blastin up and down the road testin out your latest mod.


Thanks dreams for your response. Do you have alot of farm land in the rookies?

Ya we have a couple acres to farm, about 3000 or so. We are actually in a valley surrounded by the San Juans and the Sangre de Cristo Mts.


I used to live in the boonies, 40 acres wouldn't do you much good where I lived though. More like "north 40 sections." That'd be nice.

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