Is This Normal?

Hey Guys,

I was suffering from the infamous water pump issues so I spent the morning changing out my water pump shaft, water seal, oil seal, bearing, and o-ring. Everything is new, all parts installed correctly, new crank case gasket. I added oil & collant and started the bike... and the coolant started leaking from the weep hole (again)! Very discouraging and not making a whole lot of sense to me.

Do the new seals need a few heat cycles first before they seat correctly? Is there something else i'm missing?

Any help would be appreciated.

theres a guy on here called (maniac) hes a wizard and i am priitty sure he will have some answers for you, try finding him to ask your questions,

there are 3 issues I keep hearing

1. wear on the pump grooves

2.seal put in backwards ..if I'm not mistaken the spring faces the impeller

3. pinched or unlubed seals.,

also note that if you lay the bike down you wont need to change the oil

I hope you find your answers and all works out.

No not normal.. Sounds like you did everything correct.. I bet a seal got nicked going together, pull back apart and check for burrs or nicks on shaft and sand with fine sandpaper if needed, then replace seal making double sure its in the correct way with dab of grease wiped on lips of seals..

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