Need some help... any information on what this part is and/or used for?

Hey everyone,

Need some help here... Just bought a 2009 YZ450 and there is a screw on the kick start assembly that was not bolted in all the way. Tried this morning to tighten the screw and it wouldn't budge. Put more pressure and the head snapped, leaving the threaded part of the bolt still in the hole.

I searched around and saw that its named "countersunk screw", which is part # 22 in the following link:

Looking at the parts diagram, it seems that the screw is used to secure the kick start lever onto part #19? If so, since the threaded part of the broken screw is still in the hole and there is no way for me to get it out, any problems with me just leaving it as is?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

try pulling up on your kickstart lever,as long as it's secure just leave it as it is.

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