just got backfrm hatfeild mccoy....... got some problems

so i took a trip to HMT and got afew things wrong with my 1998 yz400f. it flooded a lot, and i know, im working on getting a 03 yz450f carb. but it kept over heating, the oil is milky, and over night it would leave a pile of snot like stuff tthaat came from the rad breather.

#2, i was starting it after laying it over at the top of a hill climb. and it kicked back harder than it ever did, and at first the kicker wouldnt even return, a few gental taps with a hammer fixed that, but now, how ever the gear the kicker is atatched to inside the case, it always engauged. so when i start it, it grinds slightly. i had to ride back, so i did run it like that for like 7-10 minutes. but that was it. thats the big stuff. im gunna start with the water pump tomarow or tuesday hopefully. then im taking the clutch side big cover off. im gunnna nose around a little take pictures and stuff. then post again.

#3 (small stuff) my rear spring now makes a creeking noise. not a squeek like my warrior did, but it sounds lik sand got in between the spring and shock base and when it twists from moving it creeks. thats all i noticed. other than that it was an amazingly stong bike. and the kicker thing happened the last day thankfully.

You could try to rejet your existing carb and make sure the float is free and working properly. Jets are cheap, carb cleaner and compressed air are an easy fix.

For the milky oil, you prolly have a blown head gasket or at the worst a crack in the head. I would try the gasket and see what happens.

The kick starter sounds like a real problem that Im not sure about. Hopefully someone else will chime in on that,

For the shock spring I would spray a little water at it and forget about it. If you cant deal with that, disassemble clean and reassemble.

Im a little cheap so this is how I would approach your issues. I dont think your water pump is the problem. These bikes like to keep mooving to stay cool. If you go to slow on the trail or sit and idle a lot you will overheat causing the head gasket to go or worse. If I stop I shut down, a well tuned bike will start back up with ease.

Hope this helps.

One other thing, If you are going to use this bike on the trail a lot, I would look into some oversized radiators on ebay and run quality coolant.

yes i lookedinto it. and i got the big clutch cover off and the kicker shaft gears arent dissengauging. im going to take it to my mechanic and talk to him about it. can i upload photobucket pictures to show them without clicking on it? i know i can on E2S but havent seen it on here yet. and thanks for the reply

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