Camping/riding few days around 7/20-7/27 (need another bike to borrow/rent)


My 19 y/o nephew will be here 7/20-7/27. We will be riding 1-2 days while he's here, possibly camping and definitely doing some shooting. I'm looking for a bike for him to ride. It's not his first time, he's ridden at my brother in law's just enough to get used to the clutch. He's the type to be very cautious and respectful, but he will fall. I have a local rental place I can use but I figured I'd see if anyone here wanted to join us and had an extra bike or wanted some extra bucks to loan us one. I was thinking about taking him to Rampart during the week when it's not too crowded.

If anyone wants to join us regardless please let me know. Also we're going to be rafting The Numbers if anyone is interested.

Although I cannot help with your request I would urge you to take extreme caution when shooting. Several fires around here have been started by this activity.

We are exceedingly cautious and mindful anywhere we go shooting. We might go up somewhere by Pawnee or I might just take him to Cherry Creek. If there's still fire bans in place, and I bet there will be, we won't be camping but we will still find some place to ride. Anyone is welcome to join just let me know.

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