Every single bit of useful XR600 info needed!

Hi All

I'm trying to get together as much useful information about XR600s as possible. I have started a yahoo XR600 group. Any tips, hints, mods, dyno read outs, best tyres anything that you feel is worth knowing, please place in the files section. There is also the group mailing list as another line for distress calls if you're stuck. Hopefully it will be anglo/american so it should have a "manned" 24/7 advice email line! :)

That said its primarily to just dump any interesting and valuable XR600 stuff, more than an XR600 mailing list. I dont know about you, but it seems to me there are loads of XR400/650 sites with good info on, but not much on the XR600? Again, if you know of any good XR600 sites please add the link to the links section.


Many thanks


You may want to check out www.4strokes.com (look in the "Tech." section) and www.justxr.com. Hope this helps!! :)

It does help. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it.



I just joined your Yahoo group. I'll post a few links that I think are pretty good. Looking forward to learning more. My Yahoo username is azxrridr. :)

Excellent. I was hoping to get plenty of Americans on there. You guys have tons more knowledge of the XR than us Brits. :) You get all the spares cheaper too!! No rubbing it in though :D :D

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