Craigslist "deal", opinions needed

Ive been scanning craigslist for good deals on yamaha 450's to pick one up, ride it a little as a second bike then resell it and try to make a dollar. Was looking in the 06-09 range but noticed a 05 very close to where I live. He's asking 1800 and was gonna try to get it for no higher then 15. Whats everyones feelings on this?

We need to see the bike.

Steel frame, mades it a couple of generations old. It will not have a high resale for flipping (IMO). The bike may be a good bike however.

Thats also got the 4 speed, which is a giant plus for me on the track. Some people did not like it but who wants to shift all the time. It might make it harder to sell, the trail crowd would not even look at it.

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