WR Conversion

I'm in the process of procuring the parts necessary to street legal my YZ. Am I correct that the three WR parts needed for the conversion are?:

5NG-85560-00-00 (STATOR)

5NG-85550-00-00 (FLYWHEEL)


Would it behoove me to procure a WR harness as well? Also, do I need a WR CDI, or will the YZ CDI function?

This entirely depends on what year YZ you have...

This entirely depends on what year YZ you have...

It's a 2001 YZ426f.

Thank you so very much for the info!

I have a 2000 WR400 frame and subframe that I am going to be swapping with my 2001 YZ426 stuff. There shouldn't be a problem in regards to fitment, right? The mounting points look very similar and I can't imagine them not interchanging. The only questionable things would be if the swing arm and triples swap, but I am thinking that most everything should be workable.

I also have a WR400 bottom end that I am contemplating on removing the gears from....I heard that the gearing could interchange. I don't think they changed a lot from the 400s to the 426s other than the crank, rod, and piston, correct?

The 426 clutch is considerably bigger and stronger, and takes a larger case cover to enclose it, but the trans should drop straight in.

Thanks again for the help. I'm working on a wr400/yz426 supermoto project. I'm sure this will be an interesting puzzle.

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