What wheels will fit my 99 WR400??? Spokes or Mags


Got my plate, and would like to be able to switch back and forth from dirt to street, wheels/tires. If anyone knows what other years are compatible I'd appreciate the feedback. Or if anyone knows if any Mag wheels would fit, I wouldn't mind that either, probably way heavier though.



99 WR400F with CA plates baby! 76 RD350 Proflo race ready

The 99-02 rear wheels from 400/426 bikes will fit your bike. The 98 rear will not. All the WR400/426 front wheels are interchangeable i think. But, the YZ fronts are different because of no odometer. You can look at bikebandit.com and compare part numbers to be sure.

will the wheels from a 03 yzf 450 work?

The rear hubs are the same, but you'll have to use the same spacers.

I don't think the front will work because of the odometer.

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