Last Ride for the XRL

Happy Halloween to all you Thumper riders out there. Here on the shores of Lake Superior we are getting down to our last ride for the year, some snow has already fallen, and rifle deer season is just around the corner, Nov.15 to 30.

(not a good time to ride in the bush). On Dec. 1st the snowmobile trails open and we get to experience another kind of riding, with ski's and a track, same trails just a differn't mode of transportation. :blush:Porkchop

Good for you, I also enjoy the other winter sports but thankfully have endless bike riding for the winter months in the foothill areas, the best of both worlds, bikes today snowmobiles tommor, sking the next. DAMM!!, I'm spoiled. :D:)

As your riding season ends , ours is just begining.(Yeah i know you can ride all year here, but it rained last night for the first time since april?)It's time to Shread ! :)

Man that seems so odd to be talking about winter and snowmobiles already! Especially when the best riding season is just beginning here (Oct-Dec). Sounds like fun though, I've only ridden a snowmobile once, and that was years ago in colorado. Well have fun man!


here in saskatchewan its getting really bloody cold, time to dig out the sled, and the great big contractor pack of sheetmetal screws, cus i cant stop riding, wonder how deep of snow i can ride my BRP in, its pretty heavy, go right to the bottom.... time to race sleds on the river, if it freezes enough. the fun is just beginning.

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