Starting after a crash

What procedure do you guys use? Last couple of times I have eat'n it in a moto, I loose a ton of time getting fired up. Hot start doesn't seem like it does anything. Bike starts first or second kick when cold. Any tricks?

06 yz450, might help...

Put it in neutral and use the hot start. Do not release HS when engine fires. If bike refuses to start in 4 kicks or so release HS and kick. Ususally next kick will light it.

With a quick pick up it usually starts first kick even in gear. If the bike layed down for a few seconds maybe 4-5 and will need neutral.

One of the things that helps hot starting more than anything else is setting the pilot circuit up right, by which I mean not too rich. If you're one of those who runs a fat pilot jet so as to improve the ability to jab at the throttle at low RPM or to eliminate all hints of decel backfire, you've caused part of your own problem.

I started to mentioned what greyracer said but many people refuse to play with jetting if the bike runs ok. I prefer the lower decel braking of the richer idle mixture but starting was unacceptable. Even with the "proper" pilot and just richer air screw settings.

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