Pulling a rotor

I am attempting to upgrade my wattage out-put on my '98 Wr400.

I bought a take-off from BajaDesigns (probably paid WAY too much. $180.00 for the stator off of a '00 WR) and I pulled the left-side cover last night, and I don't have sepcial tool #Yam-Piece-'O-Crud_rotorstopper.

Will a strap wrench work? I tried putting it in gear, and standing on the rear brake, but the rotor kept turning.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.


I would buy the proper tool. I made my own tool to hold the rotor. It got it off but wasted my stator. The "pins" I made to hold the rotor went in to far and broke the windings on the stator :) It would have cost me less if i had the proper tool.

Or you could try a impact gun :D

Good luck


I used an air impact to remove the nut and strap wrench and brake with bike in gear to tighten it.

Thanks fellas!

I talked to a mechanic at a local shop, and he also stated that an impact wrench was the way to go. So, I got a strap wrench, and put my socket on the retaining nut, and give it a couple of sharp whacks. After about 3 or 4, the nut came spinning off. Then I mounted up my puller, and again, couple of sharp whacks, and the rotor(flywheel?) came off. :)

Hopefully, the new stator will plug right in, and I seal it back up, but something is telling me I have to "wire" it up to the bajadesigns kit that is on the bike.

Might just try to 'by-pass" that until after the race on the 8-9th, (just need power to headlight, handwarmers and helmet-light) and worry about the baja kit later.

Thanks guys!

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