multi-use 08 WR450 chassis set-up

Hi all, it's been a long time since I've visited TT, but I'm finally returning to dirt and am planning on picking up a stock 08 WR450 very soon. Besides using it for casual trail riding, I'm going to plate it, add 17's and ride some supermoto tracks with it too. While I totally understand there's no way it can do all of these things exceptionally well using one general set-up, I'm wondering if anyone could give some insight into a good compromise chassis-wise. I'm concerned mainly with changing the triple clamps to a lesser offset (but not too much) to strike a balance between decent supermoto handling and still having a usable trail machine, I've seen Zip-Ty's 17mm offset clamps and am wondering if anyone can chime in with their thoughts on going that far on a bike that will see anything from a supermoto track to woods riding. Also wondering about having the forks/shock re-sprung/valved to give as broad of characteristics as possible via-dampening changes. My riding experience is primarily roadrace, and I'm kind of a newb in the dirt with a little MX experience and limited trail seat time. Sorry for the lengthy post and thanks in advance!

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