'08 WR450 PLastics etc.

Hey all! Picked up a '08wr450 last week and was wondering where to get new plastics for a cheap price? Was also wondering is that coolant bottle under the rear fender supposed to be empty and just for overflow when hot?

This thing has 1900km's on it.....should I check out the valves? What else should I look out for on this thing?

All new technology for me compared to the old XR!

You need a manual. Here's the Yamaha link for it. http://www.yamahaownershandbook.com.au/?r=0

I don't know about the plastics. Shouldn't be too hard to find. Try ebay for brand names and to compare prices with the M/C stores.

The rear coolant resevoir is normally empty.

Have fun with your new toy. :devil:

Best to keep a little extra coolant in the res so when the radiators purge they can suck back in all they need when they cool. Without anything in the line or res the rad's will suck some air back in, not all coolant.

polisport brand on motorcycle superstore websight. just bought front and rear fenders and rad scoops for $29 shipped. cant get any cheaper than that. and they are of very nice quality.

Thanks for the tips guys. I'm going to check out that motorcycle superstore sight.

Blew a fork seal yesterday also so I'll have to pick couple of those up.

There's a moulded plastic line about an inch from the bottom of the coolant overflow bottle. Keep it topped up to that line.



Yeah, the rear bottle is supposed have coolant in it, I keep it filled to the molded line.

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