Any of you used MXTIME for valve jobs?

I just sent my 07 yz450f head off to them. 500 for a full valve job with faction SS valves and new spring and retainers. or 100 just to have the valve seats cut. He said his Faction SS valves are custom made for him and much better quality than what you can buy off the shelf. What do you think? The oem valves lasted me a long time. Would the SS ones last about the same?

ss valves will last longer. it all depends if your valve seats can handle ss and heavy duty spring pressure.

I havent used MXTIME but i have heard good things about them. From what i saw a few weeks back the best prices too. what made you go with Faction valves?

I used them a few years ago on a Honda and he did a very good job. I went with SS but that was because of it being a Honda 250F

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