Can't decide

I saw that and it's pretty damned tempting to ask him what he wants for it but It's also pretty pointless since I'm in no position to buy right now. Thanks for the lead though!!!

I'll go beyond that and hope that Honda will D/S the CRF450!!!, now that,s a fantasy!!!! :):D

Why would you wanna take a crf 450 on the road Its not even a good trail bike let alone a dual sport like the 650L. :)

Thanks for all the practical info Gentlemen. From what I'm reading, I'm leaning toward the DRZ. I'm gonna be on the street/dirt about 50/50 and I have my Bandit for Highway use. It's old school like the XRL in that it's A/O cooled and I like that for simplicity and maintenance. It do get hot though!! I'm still undecided. That 600R sure looks like a sweet machine. Why the hell doesn't Honda throw some streetable light and an E start on that thing, raise the gearing, put a dash on it and call it the L model. Hell...that's the bike I really want. But as my wife so accurately points out "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride." Very appropriate here. Keep the good suggestions coming and thanks alot!!!

That's what they've got under that big box, behind that curtain.(or similar) Just waiting to see if demand is there. :)

I got my dual sported XR650R today & I know I made the right choice. I test rode a DR400E & S, a XR650L & a KLR650.

The R feels just as light as the DRZ, but with serious, but very smooth power. I've been sidelined for 20 years being a dad, I was/am amazed how comfortable this bike makes me feel. I was riding over fallen trees & carring the front wheel up the riverbank like I've been riding the whole time. The DRZ was my second choice, but notice how many post there are about getting more power from them & the weight is within a few pounds of the 650R.

I looked some at the DRZ's and read that the DS version (don't know the model #) made a lot less power and had a much less desirable carb than the dirt models!

Is the E the dual sport model?

The DRZ-E is the off road model and the DRZ-S is the street legal model. The S has a lower compression ratio, more restrictive exhaust, and a CV carb. The S is kind of a dog in stock form but with a few mods it runs OK.

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