K&N Air Filters

Hey all!

Im a new 2012 WR450 owner! Just picked up my bike a few weeks ago and a fellow rider sugested that I pick up a new K&N Air Filter for her. I was wondering If anyone here runs one or knows if this is a good purchase for her? Thanks guys!


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I'm no expert, but I've read that the K&N isn't good enough filtration for dirt. I think most riders go with Uni or NoToil for non-OEM air filters.

Thanks! Any info will help :devil:

Stick with the OEM filter... 0.5hp gain is not worth sucking dirt in and destroying your valves and cyl. I wont run anything but the OEM filters or UNI. They provide the best filtration. keep them clean and oiled and you will have a happy bike. Get a YZF exhaust and power programmer for more go juice

Stay away from the K&N! As the others on here have said, it just doesn't have the filtering capabilities for the off-road enviroment that Dirtbikes live in.


awesome info guys thanks!

+ 1 for stock or Uni, stay away from a K&N filter. At least for your dirt bike anyway.

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