what oil best for wr 450

Sure its been bet to death, but did'nt find much under search. What is the best oil for 4-stroke.

Any oil designed for a 4 stroke motorbike. Remember the oil in the transmission is the shared so you need an oil that doesn't have the friction reducing additives or you clutch may slip.

I use Yamalube and change it often.

I use Yamalube and change it often.

I don't use Yamahalube and I change it often(ish) I use an oil that has the exact same spec as Yamalube but comes in 4 Litre containers and is one third the price. Fuchs 4T (not sure if australian and american oils are branded the same)

Remeber Yamaha doesn't have a refinery so they use whoever will make the spec oil they want for the lowest price, then sell it at an absolute premium.

The oil that comes out of the WR goes into the lawn mower, generator and water pump, so I save even more money, I then change them at half the recommended interval.

Well, you have a good point and I am in the same boat about the wr450 motor oil. I am changing oil quite often and if somebody can chime in with a good answer will be apreciated.

I use TOP 1 - Evolution Moto. It's the same oil Jonah Street used in his Dakar Rally bike and he's now a US distributor.


There's also a 15-50W

That's almost $16 per liter.

That's almost $16 per liter.

Thats cheap in Australia!

Yamalube full synthetic you can get for around $85 for 4L ($21.50 a litre)

Fuchs Silkolene full synthetic is around $60 for 4L ($15 a litre)

You can get cheaper Castrol and Fuchs Mineral oils for just under $10 a litre.

Valvoline racing synthetic 20-50W $6 a quart

If I cant find that Rotella T synthetic

This has been beat to death, search harder next time noob

Not this topic again!!! Think about this scenario for a minute. The Chief Engineer at Yamaha Motors called in the "worker bee" engineer who was assigned the task to design the specification, research potential candidates that might match that specification and finally select the oil that best satisfied the basic engineering criteria of "best quality at the lowest cost" for the oil that would go in our motorcycles for a guidance session..

During this guidance session, do you think the Chief Engineer told the worker bee engineer to develop: (1) a really bad specification for Yamalube oil. Make sure that it caused Yamaha motorcycle engines to fail on a regular basis. Yamaha Motor Corp. was dedicated to generating as much financial loss as possible through poor engineering decisions. (2) the best oil product that would ensure that Yamaha engines performed up to their full potential and did not fail prematurely, thus causing Yamaha Motors Corp unnecessary financial losses.

My vote is for option 2. Without question, the oil specified by the manufacturer will perform just fine in your motor.

Lucas oil 10w-50,synthetic,change every 1k. best.

I use Mobil Delvac MX 15W40, sure you know it, it's an HDEO just like Shell Rotella T but here in Europe they don't sell the rotella and I found the Delvac for 16€/4L , so an oil change are 4€ for me... I change it between 500 and 600Km, or what's the same, every 4-6 weeks depending on use.

I am not really sure that this oil a good solution but much much people out there use HDEO oils in the MX track and I hope they aren' t that wrong :devil:

I've read a lot in forums and in the bob oil site about HDEOs and much showed that the perform even better than specific moto oils...

Anybody here also use it ?

Fuchs 4t

Fuchs 4t

Fuchs means Fox in German. I kinda like Amsoil 20/50 Vtwin. Now some of my dirt biking / riding buddies say its Harley oil.I say well then it must be something special to put up with high power high compression engines that dont have the luxury of liquid cooling

That's almost $16 per liter.

The Best don't come Cheap!

Anybody run Royal Purple synthetic? I just picked up a '08 wr450 without a manual so I don't even know what grade of oil I need to run?


There's a free manual that you can download, I believe it is from Yamaha Australia... I'm sure you'll be able to find it with a search. The oil weight you need to run depends on the ambient temperature range per the manual.

I've never really heard anything good about Royal Purple anything. In my opinion their oils are over priced and under performing... but like I said, that's my opinion.

Repsol 10-40 4T Racing. Expensive but I have been using that in my 4 stroke dirtbikes for several years now and I'm happy with the results. Whenever I do oil changes I change the filter too. Small price to pay ($10?) but I think it's a wise decision.

As far as why I think it works well, everytime I've opened up my engine for any reason (usually just cam/valve check) everything is spotless. No grime, sludge, anything. If it wasn't for the oil being toxic by itself, I could eat off of the inside of my motor. I figure with the cleanliness I can see, there is pretty much zero chance that any of the oil passages are getting clogged up with anything.

In a pinch, I used Rotella for one day when I submerged the bike running. Drained the oil, filled her back up with Rotella and beat it the next day. Of course I got home and changed the oil again just to make sure no water was left in the motor.

Love your motor, it'll love you back!

trailhead :)

Going to just run 20w50 this year. Gets pretty hot where I ride so I figure better to use something a little thicker.

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