Anyone able to update the '03 Starter conversion tutorial?

In the Performance Index, the 2003 starter conversion tutorial link is dead. Is there anyone that has done this conversion (where you put the '04 parts on to avoid the Woodruff Key shearing) that could post a parts list AND step by step instructions? I just picked up an 2003 with less than 200 miles on it, so there are still many out there that could develop this problem. Thank you.

I've seen that, I was hoping for pictures and a step-by-step...?


Follow E4X4Eric's link to obtain the parts list. Note the comments from E4X4Eric, Seduce and me in the discussion. Go to the parts list for a 2004 WR450F. You can find a parts list for your motorcycle, as well as a parts list for a 2004 WR at the Yamaha Motors USA website.

In the 2004 WR parts section, open the page for Starter Clutch. Parts 1 and 2 are the new parts that you will use to replace the old parts in your 2003 WR. Go back to the section Index for the parts list for the 2004 WR. Open the section entitled Crank Case Cover 1. Note the area on this part where you removed the Idler Assy from your 2003 WR. You are going to install the Bushing you purchased into the round hole in the bottom of the area where you removed the Idler Assy from your 2003 WR. Tap the Bushing down into the round hole until it is flush, using a block of wood and a hammer.

Referring to the picture that you saw when you looked at the parts diagram in the Starter Clutch Section, install one washer on each side of the Dampener Assy. Install the Dampener Assy into the bushed hole in Crank Case 1, ENSURING that the gear teeth are properly meshed with the gear teeth on the Starter Motor and the Starter Clutch Assy.

Position the Cover Gasket and the Dampener Assy Cover on Crank Case 1 and secure it with the two screws that you removed earlier to gain access to the Idler Assy in your 2003 WR.

Still having problems? A paid trip to and from Vermont is a workable option for me. We would "Get'er done" in no time.

Is there any other advice or "be careful" when doing this? I just don't want to mess anything up. Thank you for the tips.


p.s. Paid trip to VT? I'm not sure about that, only if it is paid back with a paid trip to CA.

Baja, I'm still having a hard time finding the bushing, part number 90380-10002-00 is the microfiche schematics? Can you point me to the right page?


Can anyone point me in the right direction for the bushing, as stated above?

Can anyone point me in the right direction for the bushing, as stated above?

Torque-limited idler gear (called 'Damper Assy' in the parts fische): 5TJ-15560-01-00

2 x Thrust washers (needed for either side of the idler gear): 90201-105A8-00

Idler gear cover plate: 5TJ-1549B-00-00

Bushing for idler gear shaft to flywheel cover fitting: 90380-10002-00


Still the same advice I gave you in the PM. Just tell the dealer what you are doing and give him the part number.

The bushing is a $.99 (yes under a dollar) part. According to the parts fische, at Motogrid, It is used in 150 different models of Yamaha motorcycles. Here is another tip, don't include the model year when you search for the part number, you will receive a message of "no part found". I don't recall, its been too many years since we went through the research on this, but this is the correct part number and it works.

The reason you have to install this bushing is because the shaft on the 2003 Idler is larger than the shaft on the Dampener in the the 2004 motorcycle. Thus you have to install the bushing to reduce the size of the hole in the case.

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