Southern Nevada SuperMoto

Well guys, it is official. I just got done negotiating the deal with the X-plex for my SuperMoto seris for 2004. We are coming out of the box WITH A 7 ROUND SERIES!!!! The dates will be as follows:

April 3 & 4

May 22 & 23

June 5 (Night race w/ Friday night practice)

July 10 (Night race w/ Friday night practice)

August 14 (Night race w/ Friday night practice)

October 9 & 10 (Possible Dual Points event with STTARS)

November 13 &14

I am putting my personal finances on the line, and will be asking anyone that is able to attend, to do so. Southern Nevada SuperMoto will have an operational web site by mid to late November, and it should have all of the necessary details. Until then, feel free to ask any questions that you might have. Thanks for your support. :) Marche

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