arerbis tanks

Does anyone know if a arerbis yzf tank for a WR400 will fit on a WR426. arerbis is having a close out for there yzf400 tank for 105.00. But the yzf426 tank is still 220.00. Just wondering if I can save a few bucks.

Yes I know I have to get a yzf seat, any suggestions.


seach previous post on this subject (at least 3 threads). the tank fits but the radiator shrouds don't fit perfectly according to those that have tried.

It will fit... but you will need to put a spacer in between the tank and shroud on the top bolt. The nut-sert in the tank in set into a hole in the tank.. about 1\2 inch. A longer bolt, and a spacer will solve your problem. It will narrow the spreadof the shrouds though. Good Luck!!

can you give me a link to this amazing deal please!


slick enter

click sale items

click closeouts

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[This message has been edited by *mike68* (edited September 26, 2001).]

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