Glad i did it myself!

so i have to say, i've only been riding bikes for three years now and up until this year i have been very skeptical about doing my own engine work. i have to give everyone here that helped me out and gave me advise a big thank you. i officially and successfully checked/adjusted my valves and am very glad that i did. there is something to be said about doing the work on your own and the sense of accomplishment you get when everything works/runs better when youre done. so again, thank you all for your help and words of wisdom!!!



know you know and can help others :devil:

and i hope i can help!

Not only the sense of accomplishment, but a pile of money left in your wallet too!!! :devil:


yah total cost of of my valve adjustment was $5. sure beets the $100 that the shop would have charged me!!!!

Could a non mechanical person like me adjust the valves without too much trouble?

Perhaps, but only you know for sure. Do you have the manual? Do you have a torque wrench? Feeler gauges? With these tools, and our help, we should be able to help guide you thru the process.


having the right tool for the job is key!. i look at it as an opportunity to add tools to my collection when i tackle something on my bike that i never had before. and who doesnt want more tools! haha

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