FMF PowerBomb header

For those that have installed PowerBomb headers, was it worth the expense and did you get less noise and more power? OK, the real questions is did you make anymore noticable power? Also, I have heard that the after market headers avoid the dreaded oil filter screw headache on the 00 400's. True?

I replaced mine due to a caved in stock header. Ive never had mine Db tested so I cant answer that one for you. As for power I put a YZ cam in the same time I put the powerbomb on. So I guess I didnt help you at all. I can give my $.02, keep the stocker till it doesnt work no mo.


There was a quite noticeable noise reduction, better response and a bit more peak power. It really improves low and mid-range, mostly noticeable on roll-on. It looks good with perfectly shaped mandrel bent tubing that is stronger than stock and well tucked in with good oil filter clearance. Tubing is smaller before the bulge and matched to the exhaust port outlet. I got mine from 'Motovan' in Canada...They still mistakingly sell it for $229 Cdn instead of $358 so it was definitely worth it. :)

I bought one two weeks ago. I was curious about the result. Didnt noticed any improvements. :)

White Bros. tapered header made a night and day difference. Low to mid gain was very noticable. I put a nice dent in it about 2 rides later, I wish it had a heat shield on it. Im looking at the eline header guard.

I just received the E-Line header guard for my DSP system. I think it's the same part as for the other brands (FMF/Pro Circuit/Universal). It's totally straight. No curve or protection for the front of the header at all. It will protect my pants and calf, but that's about it.


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