Question on jetting a WR450

I moved from western wa to Montana (gained 5000' ft elevation) and now I probably should change the jets in my bike. I've never fooled with a carb (other than adjusting idle) but see there's plenty of threads on here that walk you through the process.

My question is - is it worth it to do it yourself? I figure it will probably cost me $100 to pay the shop to do it, but aren't the jetting kits about $60 anyway? I guess what I'm really asking is, how much of a pain in the butt is this to do?

Get a JD kit and do it yourself. You never know when you will want to take the bike somewhere else and need to change out some jets. It is fairly simple to do as long as you are patient.

dont be afraid to give it a try on your own. if you have a service manual, it pretty much explains everything. if you dont have a service manual, find one. it will be your best friend. i just this year started getting into doing my own work on my 03 wr and i am by no means a knowledgable mechanic but it has instilled a lot of confidence in my abilities. now as far as jetting goes, you dont have to search very hard to figure out that every bike is different when it comes to jetting. so you cant really ask someone what they run for jetting and expect to have it be perfect with your bike. but, it should give you a decent starting point. a lot of people on here have had really good luck(from what i can tell) with the jd jetting kits. they come with pretty detailed instructions and recommended starting points along with a large assortment of jets. worst case scenario you do it on your own you fire it up and realize that what you did was wrong. so you figure out what part you did wrong and change it in small increments. do some research about jetting on here and get a good understanding of what jets do what in the carb and apply that to where in the throttle position the bike is having issues. there are plenty of good people on here that have a crap load of knowledge and good info. search around, dig into it, learn a little about your bike, and feel really good about the work you have done when you hop on your bike and smile away at the good job you have done knowing you did it yourself.

good luck!!!!


jonrack, The difficulty level depends on the year of the machine, and your ability. The aluminum framed WR's are more difficult to jet due to limited access thru the frame rails. My steel framed '06 gets rejetted approximately every few weeks!!! I race the Montana XC series, and we have some incredibly varied terrain, and elevation to deal with, not to mention massive temperature swings! All of this will effect your jetting. So in my situation, I have to do it myself, as there is no way I could afford to do it any other way. With all of my experience at jetting this WR, it takes me about 45 minutes to do the complete job.


You can get to the alum framed carb well enough to pull the main very easily... 15min job tops after you figure it out. Pull the cap off the bottom and use a 6mm? Socket and the main pops right out. I use a filed down flat head on a socket for the pilot... I filed a fat tipped flat head to snugly fit the pilot so that I can guide it back up in.

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